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Progress in support for the riscv64 platform

Contributed by rueda on from the still-waiting-for-*my*-hardware dept.

Since our previous report, there has been significant progress on support for riscv64:

As always, thanks to those involved!

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  1. By rueda (rueda) on

    Matthieu Herrb (matthieu@) published a picture of xenocara in action.

  2. By grey (grey) on

    Exciting stuff!

    Exasperatingly, my preorder for a HiFive Unmatched from last year via Crowd Supply which supposedly shipped on May 30th, 2021, still has not arrived and was supposedly returned to sender? I've opened support cases with Crowd Supply and UPS without the issue having been rectified thus far.

    I guess Crowd Supply is a subsidiary of Mouser? I wonder if individuals who ordered directly through Mouser have had any better luck?

    Hopefully sooner than later I will actually have the hardware I already paid for in my own hands to test this code.

    1. By Nick H (Nick_H) on

      I bought the Unmatched directly from Mouser having pre-ordered it around Q3 last year. It was was despatched from the USA and successfully delivered to me in the UK last week.


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