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OpenBGPD 7.9 released

Contributed by rueda on from the rebounded routing dept.

Version 7.9 of OpenBGPD has been released:

We have released OpenBGPD 7.9, which will be arriving in the
OpenBGPD directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon.

This release includes the following changes to the previous release:

    * Include OpenBSD 7.2 errata 023:
      Incorrect length checks allow an out-of-bounds read in bgpd(8).

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rpki-client 8.3 released

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the routed and keyed in dept.

One small but significant step for routing security on the Internet happened Sunday 19th of March 2023 with the release of version 8.3 of rpki-client.

The announcement reads,

Subject:    rpki-client 8.3 released
From:       Sebastian Benoit <benno () openbsd ! org>
Date:       2023-03-19 12:46:27

rpki-client 8.3 has just been released and will be available in the
rpki-client directory of any OpenBSD mirror soon.

rpki-client is a FREE, easy-to-use implementation of the Resource
Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for Relying Parties (RP) to
facilitate validation of BGP announcements. The program queries the
global RPKI repository system and validates untrusted network inputs.
The program outputs validated ROA payloads, BGPsec Router keys, and
ASPA payloads in configuration formats suitable for OpenBGPD and BIRD,
and supports emitting CSV and JSON for consumption by other routing

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-current has moved to 7.3, ports commits restricted pending release

Contributed by rueda on from the here-we-go-again dept.

With the following commit, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) moved -current to version 7.3:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2023/03/17 16:52:22

Modified files:
	sys/conf       : 

Log message:
remove -beta tag

For those unfamiliar with the process: this is not the 7.3 release, but is part of the standard build-up to the release.

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LibreSSL 3.7.1 Released

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the libretto warmup dept.

With a message to openbsd-announce and other lists, Brent Cook (bcook@) announced the release of LibreSSL 3.7.1, with numerous improvements.

It is worth noting that this is the final version to be released before the upcoming OpenBSD 7.3 release.

The announcement reads,

Subject:    LibreSSL 3.7.1 Released
From:       Brent Cook <busterb () gmail ! com>

We have released LibreSSL 3.7.1, which will be arriving in the
LibreSSL directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon. This is the final
development release for the 3.7.x branch, and we appreciate additional testing
and feedback before the stable release coming soon with OpenBSD 7.3

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