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Donation request for network SMP development

Contributed by tj on from the needs-dragon-taming-gear dept.

Martin Pieuchot (mpi@) writes in about what's needed for further SMP improvements in the network stack:

If you've been following my contributions to OpenBSD's kernel, you already know that in the past years I've been working on the Network Stack to make it more SMP friendly.

All the network hackers present at s2k15 agreed to volunteer me to work on the next step: properly integrate the pseudo-drivers (carp(4), vlan(4), trunk(4)...) in order to take ether_input() out of the kernel lock.

But since I no longer have the support of a company, I don't have the correct toys to do this task. That's why I'm looking for the following hardware, to build a crazy test & development CARP setup:

- A small managed switch (8+ ports) preferably with a CLI interface like HP Procurves 25xx.

- Two small fanless MP amd64 machines with 3+ NIC and a serial console like PC Engines APU or Lanner LEC.

I'm based in Europe, please contact me if you can help out.

Thanks, Martin

If you have the hardware or money to help out, please get in contact.

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    1. By Philip Guenther ( on

      > Are there really no companies willing to employ mpi@ to work on OpenBSD? I find that quite sad.

      A large reason for publishing these requests is that the listed items are probably out there with people to whom they are spare, scrap, or depreciated, making them low cost donations.

      Donating a *job* is a much higher cost, and risky for all parties. And if mpi@ finds his current job rewarding, should he give that up when some equipment is all he really needs to make progress? It's not a simple thing for either side, where used equipment donations often are.

  2. By Rémi (2001:470:1f13:b10:a00c:39d:d2f8:72e2) on


    I got your email from Blake Willis. I am from a company called iBrowse. We would like to donate equipment that we are have no use for anymore.
    Here is the link to the donation list:

    If you are intested please drop me an email, we are located in Paris.


    Rémi Tuyaerts


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