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OpenSSH 9.2/9.2p1 released!

Contributed by grey on from the OpenSSH now with more of everything! dept.

OpenSSH 9.2 was released on 2023-02-02. It is available from the mirrors listed at

As should be of no surprise to undeadly readers, OpenSSH is a 100% complete SSH protocol 2.0 implementation and includes sftp client and server support.

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Execute-only status report

Contributed by rueda on from the anti-BROP dept.

Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) posted to tech@ a status report (and 2 test programs) regarding execute-only (xonly). The report begins:

We've made good progress in the xonly effort so here's a small summary.

architectures crossed over completely

	arm64 - X bit without implied R in mmu
	riscv64  - X bit without implied R in mmu
	amd64 - using hardware 'PKU' feature
	powerpc64 - using feature similar to PKU
	hppa - using gateway feature

Game of Trees milestone

Contributed by rueda on from the game of dogfooding dept.

In a toot, Stefan Sperling (stsp@) announced:

#gameoftrees has reached another milestone […] We now offer public anonymous access to our Git repository via SSH, using our own server implementation (available in the ports tree of #OpenBSD -current).

git clone ssh://

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OpenBSD Errata

OpenBSD 7.2

0172023-02-02 SECURITY A double-free in the sshd pre-auth unprivileged process (not believed to be exploitable).
0162023-01-21 SECURITY vmd(8) exposed unsupported cpuid feature flags to guests.
0152023-01-21 SECURITY vmm(4) exposed unsupported cpuid feature flags to guests.
0142023-01-17 SECURITY Input validation issues and path validation issues in libXpm can lead to infinite loops, memory corruption or arbitrary command execution. CVE-2022-46285, CVE-2022-44617 and CVE-2022-4883
0132023-01-13 SECURITY A TCP packet with destination port 0 that matches a pf divert-to rule could crash the kernel.
0122022-12-16 RELIABILITY Removing a domain can result in an out-of-bounds write in acme-client(8).

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