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s2k15 Hackathon Report: mpi@ on network stack SMP

Contributed by tbert on from the stacked-in-our-favor dept.

Martin Pieuchot (mpi@) writes in with his report from the s2k15 hackathon:

s2k15 was definitely a hackathon to get things started and for me, the 's' was clearly for SMP. I arrived a bit earlier to be able to finally meet and discuss with David (dlg@), our host, in order to define a strategy to continue moving some bits and pieces of the network stack out of the big lock.

And that's what we did. So we had a look at the glue between the network drivers and the stack and found a way to improve the integration of pseudo drivers in the Ethernet layer. The goal of this refactoring is to avoid recursion and decouple code paths in order to make it easier to turn every pseudo driver MP-safe. That's why I rapidly commited a new interface and then started to convert various drivers.

As usual I committed some bug fixes and other small cleanups in the nework stack and I also took advantage of the fact that Miod (miod@) was sitting next to me, to bother him with some powerpc related questions. We ended up fixing some small bugs for G5 machines. As a result they can now use radeondrm(4) and correctly see all their available memory.

I really enjoyed this shiny week of hacking, thank you very much David for hosting us here and thanks to Theo and the OpenBSD foundation for taking care of my flight and accomodation!

Thanks to Martin for being the first with his post-hackathon write-up!

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