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Configure OpenBSD Sendmail with SASL

Contributed by jason on from the dont-get-SASL-with-me dept.

We recently uncovered a useful tutorial for setting up SASL with OpenBSD's Sendmail:

One of the greatest challenges in migrating my server from a managed FreeBSD server to the new OpenBSD server was learning how to implement support for SASL on SMTP connections. This seems like something so elementary in a mail server that it should be really simple. Unfortunately, simply installing the cyrus-sasl package doesn’t handle the integration with sendmail for you nor is there any really good documentation online. I was particularly disappointed that OpenBSD’s documentation was completely silent on how to do it.

Read the full story over at Mark Solocinski's blog.

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  1. By Otto Moerbeek (otto) on

    The symlink to the .so file is not needed. It can even be even harmful if you install a new version of cyrus-sasl.

  2. By Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot) on

    "This is made much simpler on FreeBSD as there is a sendmail-sasl port that you can build. Why OpenBSD doesn’t do something similar or simply compile the support into their binaries is beyond me."

    One reason why OpenBSD does not compile support in the sendmail binary is that because cyrus-sasl2 is an external package and sendmail is part of the base system.


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