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Call for Testing: Valgrind on OpenBSD
Contributed by tbert on Mon Jun 29 07:45:20 2015 (GMT)
from the valgrind-out-some-xp dept.

Maseo Uebayashi (uebayasi@) has given us a call for testing cleverly disguised as a quick how-to on using valgrind natively on OpenBSD:

  • Use the latest OpenBSD/amd64 and devel/valgrind (valgrind-3.10.1p5).
  • Dynamically link your target program.
    • Valgrind overrides some functions (alloc, free, string, memory) in libc using $LD_PRELOAD.
  • Embed symbols (cc -g).
    • Otherwise Valgrind reports problems using symbols.

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Handling Leap Seconds the OpenBSD Way
Contributed by pitrh on Sun Jun 28 20:17:50 2015 (GMT)
from the bounded leaps dept.

Christian Weisberger (naddy@) let us all know what we need to do to prepare for the impending leap second:

As you may have heard, a leap second will be upon us at 23:59:60
UTC on June 30.

The sky will fall, civilization will end, and dinosaurs will roam
the earth again.  Well, maybe not.

Neither the OpenBSD kernel nor OpenNTPD handle leap seconds in any
way.  So what will happen?

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BSDCan 2015 Videos Online
Contributed by tbert on Fri Jun 19 13:04:45 2015 (GMT)
from the remote-viewing dept.

The videos of the recently-concluded BSDCan are coming online at record speed. The OpenBSD videos online are:

  • Ted Unangst, "signify: Securing OpenBSD From Us To You" (video)
  • Ray Percival, "Networking with OpenBSD in a virtualized environment" (video)
  • Reyk Flöter, "Introducing OpenBSD’s new httpd" (video, part1, part2)
  • Peter Hessler, "Using routing domains / routing tables in a production network" (video)

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BSDNow Episode 094: Builder's Insurance
Contributed by tbert on Fri Jun 19 07:28:31 2015 (GMT)
from the whats-french-for-twofer dept.

On this week's episode of BSDNow, Marc Espie (espie@) talks about dpb, OpenBSD's distributed package builder, which runs the binary package builds in Theo's basement. He talks about why it came about, the security measures built in, and the minimalistic and works-out-of-the-box configuration, among other things.

The hosts also talk about their experiences at the recent BSDCan, and, ss usual, they have the roundup of the news, big and small, in the world of all things BSD.

[ Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent ]

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Quantitative analysis of issues found by afl in mandoc
Contributed by jj on Fri Jun 19 09:34:46 2015 (GMT)
from the bug-ate-my-manpage dept.

Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) writes in with an analysis of the issues found by afl in mandoc:

After realizing that I have nine topics for my BSDCan talk and that I can't cover them all in the depth they deserve, here are a few more details about afl and mandoc than I can't cover in the talk. Not a spoiler, there is still plenty of material for the talk!

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Call for Testing: audio(4)
Contributed by tbert on Fri Jun 12 07:52:53 2015 (GMT)
from the we're-all-ears dept.

Alexandre Ratchov (ratchov@) posted a call for testing of a new audio(4) driver:

This is a replacement for the audio(4) driver. It implements a
minimal and complete subset of the audio abi. The main goal is to
simplify the semantics and the code itself. Less code, less bugs,
hopefuly easier development.

To test this diff, simply run your regular audio stuff and let us
know if you notice any difference. I'd suggest to keep a copy of
the old kernel in order to be able to compare easily.

In case you notice a regression, you could build the kernel with
the AUDIO_DEBUG option, reboot, trigger the bug and send the
resulting dmesg and any related information.


-- Alexandre

As always, testing is essential to maintaining the quality of OpenBSD!

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LibreSSL 2.1.7 and 2.2.0 Released
Contributed by tj on Thu Jun 11 18:51:06 2015 (GMT)
from the logjammin' dept.

Brent Cook (bcook@) has announced the latest LibreSSL releases, which contain fixes for several CVEs:

We have released LibreSSL 2.2.0, which will be arriving in the
LibreSSL directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon.

This release is the first from the OpenBSD 5.8 development tree and
features mainly on build system improvements and new OS support.

We have also released LibreSSL 2.1.7, which contains additional security

Of special note is the upcoming removal of SSLv3:

Note: This will likely be the last 2.2.x release with support for SSLv3,
as it will be removed entirely from the main LibreSSL tree.

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Microsoft Announces Support for SSH
Contributed by tbert on Wed Jun 3 08:36:30 2015 (GMT)
from the third-time's-the-charm dept.

Windows admins rejoice! Microsoft's PowerShell Team announced future support for SSH, specifically OpenSSH:

[T]he PowerShell team realized the best option will be for our team to adopt an industry proven solution while providing tight integration with Windows; a solution that Microsoft will deliver in Windows while working closely with subject matter experts across the planet to build it. Based on these goals, I’m pleased to announce that the PowerShell team will support and contribute to the OpenSSH community - Very excited to work with the OpenSSH community to deliver the PowerShell and Windows SSH solution!

A follow up question the reader might have is When and How will the SSH support be available? The team is in the early planning phase, and there’re not exact days yet. However the PowerShell team will provide details in the near future on availability dates.

Emphasis in the original. Wider adoption of secure technologies can only benefit the community. Hopefully that future is actually near, both for deployment and 'support and contribution'.

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Heads Up: spamd(8) PF Rule Change
Contributed by tbert on Tue May 19 08:49:10 2015 (GMT)
from the divert-power-to-shields dept.

With a recent commit, Reyk Flöter (reyk@) flipped the switch on spamd(8)'s pf interfacement:

hange spamd to use divert-to instead of rdr-to.

divert-to has many advantages over rdr-to for proxies.  For example,
it is much easier to use, requires less code, does not depend on
/dev/pf, works in-band without the asynchronous lookup (DIOCNATLOOK
ioctl), saves us from additional port allocations by the rdr/NAT code,
and even avoids potential collisions and race conditions that could
theoretically happen with the lookup.

Heads up: users will have to update their spamd PF rules from rdr-to
to divert-to.  spamd now also listens to instead of "any"
( by default which should be fine with most setups but has to
be considered for some special configurations.

Those of you running spamd setups looking to upgrade need to double-check your pf configurations to make sure they still work the way you expect.

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