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Memoirs of a Network Disaster
Contributed by jason on Wed Mar 9 13:57:15 2011 (GMT)
from the not-your-openbsd-story dept.

Michael W. Lucas posted a new blog entry about one of his own harrowing experiences years ago. Helpless vendors and inadequate commercial software forced his company to turn to OpenBSD and PF for a solution to their bandwidth problem.

One Monday morning, a customer that had expected to use very little bandwidth found that they had sufficient requests to devour twice the bandwidth we had for the entire datacenter. This affected every customer. If your $9.95/month web page is slow you have little to complain about, but if your multiple-thousands-of-dollars-a-month Web application is slow you pick up the phone and scream until the problem stops...

Does Puffy arrive in time to save the day? Read Michael's story to find out!


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  Re: Memoirs of a Network Disaster (mod 7/33)
by Dave Steinberg (redterror) ( on Wed Mar 9 15:08:44 2011 (GMT)
  Oh the irony, his site is down.
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