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Portable C Compiler 1.0 Branched!
Contributed by jason on Wed Feb 23 04:50:38 2011 (GMT)
from the pretty-cool-compiler dept.

Michael Dexter writes in with news about the PCC project:

Thanks to the hard work of Anders "Ragge" Magnusson and his team plus the help of donors from around the world, the Portable C Compiler is now ready for final beta testing in preparation for its 1.0 release.

"This is the beta of the first release of pcc since almost forever."

Please download it, put it through its paces and report any bugs you encounter along the way!


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  Re: Portable C Compiler 1.0 Branched! (mod -10/44)
by Peter J. Philipp (pjp) ( on Wed Feb 23 12:50:47 2011 (GMT)
  I downloaded it and compiled some of my programs with it. It compiles a binary. Compared to gcc the binary is a bit larger, but the compilation is faster. I compared the number of NOP's with objdump from both binaries and the gcc had more NOP's in it. In conclusion, is it fair to say that when executed pcc binaries are a bit slower than gcc? I guess freedom has a price.
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