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Historical Contributions to the OpenBSD Journal

Latest changes

IPv6 connectivity enabled
user account registration opened
added captcha to submission form in response to repeated spamdalism
quoting the replied-to comment, based on a patch from Sean Cody. See RFC 1855 about how to use this properly
added RSS rate limiting
patched thttpd some more, it now passes If-Modified-Since: from client to cgi, which generates status 304 (Not Modified) to save bandwidth. also make thttpd log the real status and bytes sent to the client from the cgi. log stats (see below) should be more accurate from now on.
support polls
support password changes (editors)
fix loss of newlines on preview
support plain-text submission


Colin DidierSource patch (last-read marker for logged in users)
Pedro AlmeidaSponsored domain registrar fees
Nate MontagueNDA witch icon
Henrik HellerstedtImproved pf topic image
Nick HollandHTML patch (vlink/alink colors)
Chris ReidHTML template patches (improve comment threading in IE)


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