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RIP dhclient(8)

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the addresses will be grabbed dept.

Friends, dhclient(8) in OpenBSD is no more, at least for those of us running -current.

For some of us it is basically in muscle memory to type doas dhclient $wifiinterface when visiting somewhere, but from this day forward we will rely on dhcpleased(8) to do its job, which in my own experience does admirably.

In this commit, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@), executed the removal.

The commit message reads,

List:       openbsd-cvs
Subject:    CVS: src
From:       Theo de Raadt <deraadt () cvs ! openbsd ! org>
Date:       2024-06-30 17:30:54

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2024/06/30 11:30:54

Modified files:
	distrib/sets/lists/base: mi 
	distrib/sets/lists/man: mi 
	etc            : Makefile 
	sbin           : Makefile 
Removed files:
	etc/examples   : dhclient.conf 
	sbin/dhclient  : Makefile bpf.c clparse.c conflex.c dhclient.8 
	                 dhclient.c dhclient.conf.5 dhclient.leases.5 
	                 dhcp.h dhcpd.h dhctoken.h dispatch.c kroute.c 
	                 log.c log.h options.c packet.c parse.c 
	                 privsep.c privsep.h 

Log message:
delete dhclient(8).  ipv4 dhcp leases have been acquired by the
always-running-in-background dhcpleased(8) for a while, which is
activated per-interface with "ifconfig $if autoconf', or
"ifconfig $if inet autoconf", or with "inet autoconf" in /etc/hostname.$if
dhclient(8) has done execve(3) of ifconfig(8) to handle this for a while,
so everyone has moved to the dhcpleased(8) method
ok florian
So long, old friend! We will remember you fondly.

And then we will look forward to this among other good things to happen in OpenBSD 7.6 in the (Northern hemisphere) fall.

  1. By Axe Xae (axeXae) on http://localhost

    As many asked for this as for removing net-tools along with ifconfig by default from all crappy linux distributions forcing us to use the ip tool (big mid finger).


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