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p2k23 Hackathon Report: Volker Schlecht (volker@) on rust and erlang progress

Contributed by rueda on from the brushing up the rust dept.

We are pleased to have another p2k23 report, this time from Volker Schlecht (volker@) who writes:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our plane is equipped with two engines, and I'm afraid I need to tell you that the one that you see to your right won't start right now…"
As with several other developers my trip to p2k23 didn't exactly start off as planned. Eventually the engine did start, though (and I'm glad to report it stayed on, too) and I made it to Dublin.

For my very first hackathon I set my mind to getting lang/deno build and run with IBT/BTI enabled. kettenis@ and robert@ already made that happen to the other big V8 ports, but still I was in for a treat with that one! With the help of robert@, tb@ and deraadt@ and after countless rebuilds, I finally managed to get a clean build and passing tests on day #4, adding patches to security/rust-ring and the bundled version of psm on the way.

Having done that, I set out to run KDE for the first time on OpenBSD when testing rsadowski@'s amazing work on getting Plasma Desktop ported. While not exactly my cup of tea, it's definitely a neat desktop experience, and the port feels right at home on OpenBSD.

With lang/deno taking up so much time, I didn't get around to having a version of lang/erlang built with IBT enabled, but at least I'm a good step closer to getting that done eventually (thanks to mlarkin@ for walking me through some JITed assembly!).

I finished up taking some initial steps to update our OCaml ports to versions compatible with OCaml 5.x, resulting in diffs that'll need a bit more scrutiny before they are ready.

All that aside, it was fantastic to meet a lot of the people that I had previously known only from the mailing lists, to exchange thoughts and to learn from them. Thanks for having me, guys - I had a blast! :-)

A big thank you goes out Tom Smyth, for making this happen and to our sponsors, the OpenBSD Foundation & NCSC Ireland!

Thanks, Volker, for both the report and the work!

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