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Game of Trees 0.91 released

Contributed by rrueda on from the again-and-again-and dept.

Version 0.91 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated):

* got 0.91; 2023-07-19
  see git repository history for per-change authorship information
- use _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX from <limits.h> for portability
- add merge -M option which tells 'got merge' not to fast-forward a reference
- make gitwrapper ignore "permission denied" errors for repository paths
- add cvg(1), a CVS-like Git client; still WIP and not installed by default yet
- add initial implementation of 'gotadmin dump' which creates Git bundle files
- add initial implementation of 'gotadmin load' which loads Git bundle files
- gotadmin cleanup: consider object reachability while cleaning packfiles
- gotadmin cleanup: don't delete pack files that are too young
- prevent useless EEXIST errors filling up the global custom error array
- abort histedit if the user quits the editor without saving the script
- fix double-free in tog blame view error path
- add support for keywords as <commit> arguments to got and tog

Also of note is that the Game of Trees web site now includes a Comparison to other version control systems.

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