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Bug fixing in wscons

Contributed by rueda on from the wscons-tructive-criticism dept.

Crystal Kolipe has written up more of her work on the console. This time, it regards bugs in the handling of UTF-8: - fixing cringeworthy bugs in the OpenBSD console code.

As Crystal pointed out in her email to Undeadly, Miod Vallat (miod@) has committed fixes.

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  1. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

    This is a great find by Crystal. I was wondering is this what led to patch #21 in 7.2? If so then perhaps the %s formatting in tcpdump/print-cdp.c that I found and reported could be used to crash the kernel if someone is tcpdumping on the wscons console. I only made it change colours but escape characters could be used to make it panic, thanks Crystal! Without you we'd have crashing consoles if they were tcpdumping at the same time.

    1. By David Leadbeater (dgl) on

      Hi, It was actually me who found the wscons issue that led to the errata (see this commit), it wasn't UTF-8 related.

      Definitely if you can get escape sequences into output there's fun to be had, I recently did a talk about some, on other platforms (that was at a Microsoft security conference, so covering Windows Terminal). I also have an upcoming talk where I'll cover some more.

      1. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

        Sorry for the mistake, and thank you too David!

  2. By n/a (Cabal) on

    I miss Crystal.


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