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Game of Trees 0.80 released.

Contributed by grey on from the gameoftrees does not tease dept.

Game of Trees 0.80 has been released (and the port updated).

From the CHANGES text file:

* got 0.80; 2023-01-17
  too many changes to list all here; see git repository history for more
- implement per-repository read/write authorization rules in gotd
- add a gotd "listen" process which watches the unix socket
- add a gotd "session" process, split off from the parent process
- switch gotd from chroot(2) to unveil(2)
- run gotd authentication in a separate child process
- enforce a per-uid connection limit in the gotd listen process
- introduce connection options to gotd.conf
- gotd: allow to express timeouts using minutes/hours (op)
- switch gotd.conf syntax from 'unix_socket' to 'listen on'
- remove the gotsh group requirement from gotd; any user can now connect
- expose 'gotctl info' output only to the root user
- remove support for showing client capabilities in 'gotctl info'
- farewell, gotweb. you served us well. rm gotweb (tracey)
- lots of gotwebd refactoring (op)
- gotwebd: use a templating system to render HTML (op)
- gotwebd: add an RSS feed for the tags
- gotwebd: remove erratic horizontal scrolling (op)
- gotwebd.conf: use `listen on socket' syntax for UNIX sockets too (op)
- gotwebd: render BLOB inline, add BLOBRAW for serving raw blobs (op)
- gotwebd: css: fix horizontal overflow in blob and blame pages (op)
- gotwebd: urlencode also the double quote character (op)
- gotwebd: make commit page more like `got log' / tog (op)
- cope with deleted references when reloading the tog log view
- tog: fix typo that breaks log search when in hsplit (jamsek)
- tog: always echo input prompt to bottom left of screen (jamsek)
- make 'tog log' display the committer handle by default, '@' switches to author
- tog: add mutt-like =/* keymaps as home/end aliases (patch by Mikhail)
- implement diffstat display for got log, got diff, and tog diff (jamsek)
- show from: and via: headers on consecutive lines in 'got log' and 'tog log'
- show full URL during got clone/fetch/send (op)
- make 'got send' print errors reported by the server (op)
- fix 'got rebase' not detecting an out-of-date work tree in some cases
- reduce max amount of tags stored in object cache to avoid high memory usage
- avoid copying reused deltas to delta cache file; copy from pack file instead
- got patch: handle the removal of binary files (op)
- fix uninitialised fildes variables in libexec helpers (jamsek)
- got: minor refactor of got_pathlist_free() API (jamsek)
- fix indexing of pack files which contain ref-deltas

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