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LibreSSL 3.6.0 released

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the decrypt the crypt dept.

Signalling another turn of the seasons, Brent Cook (bcook@) announced that a new release of LibreSSL is out. The announcement reads:

We have released LibreSSL 3.6.0, which will be arriving in the
LibreSSL directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon. This is a
development release for the 3.6.x branch, and we appreciate additional testing
and feedback before the final release coming soon with OpenBSD 7.2.

It includes the following changes:

* Internal improvements
  - Avoid expensive RFC 3779 checks during cert verification.
  - The templated ASN.1 decoder has been cleaned up, refactored,
    modernized with parts rewritten using CBB and CBS.
  - The ASN.1 time parser has been rewritten.
  - Rewrite and fix ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8().
  - Use asn1_abs_set_unused_bits() rather than inlining it.
  - Simplify ec_asn1_group2curve().
  - First pass at a clean up of ASN1_item_sign_ctx()
  - ssl_txt.c was cleaned up.
  - Internal function arguments and struct member have been changed
    to size_t.
  - Lots of missing error checks of EVP API were added.
  - Clean up and clarify BN_kronecker().
  - Simplify ASN1_INTEGER_cmp()
  - Rewrite ASN1_INTEGER_{get,set}() using CBS and CBB and reuse
    the ASN1_INTEGER functions for ASN1_ENUMERATED.
  - Use ASN1_INTEGER to parse and build {Z,}LONG_it
  - Refactored and cleaned up group (elliptic curve) handling in
  - Simplify certificate list handling code in the legacy server.
  - Make CBB_finish() fail if *out_data is not NULL.
  - Remove tls_buffer_set_data() and remove/revise callers.
  - Rewrite SSL{_CTX,}_set_alpn_protos() using CBS.
  - Simplify tlsext_supported_groups_server_parse().
  - Remove redundant length checks in tlsext parse functions.
  - Simplify tls13_server_encrypted_extensions_recv().
  - Add read and write support to tls_buffer.
  - Convert TLS transcript from BUF_MEM to tls_buffer.
  - Clear key on exit in PKCS12_gen_mac().
  - Minor fixes in PKCS12_parse().
  - Provide and use a primitive clear function for BIGNUM_it.
  - Use ASN1_INTEGER to encode/decode BIGNUM_it.
  - Add stack frames to AES-NI x86_64 assembly.
  - Use named initialisers for BIGNUMs.
  - Tidy up some of BN_nist_mod_*.
  - Expand BLOCK_CIPHER_* and related macros.
  - Avoid shadowing the cbs function parameter in
  - Deduplicate peer certificate chain processing code.
  - Make it possible to signal an error from an i2c_* function.
  - Rewrite i2c_ASN1_INTEGER() using CBB/CBS.
  - Remove UINT32_MAX limitation on ChaCha() and CRYPTO_chacha_20().
  - Remove bogus length checks from EVP_aead_chacha20_poly1305().
  - Reworked DSA_size() and ECDSA_size().
  - Stop using CBIGNUM_it internal to libcrypto.
  - Provide c2i_ASN1_ENUMERATED_cbs() and call it from
  - Ensure ASN.1 types are appropriately encoded.
  - Avoid recycling ASN1_STRINGs when decoding ASN.1.
  - Tidy up asn1_c2i_primitive() slightly.
    BLOCK_CIPHER and the looney M_do_cipher macros.
  - Use correct length for EVP CFB mode ciphers.
  - Provide a version of ssl_msg_callback() that takes a CBS.
  - Use CBS to parse TLS alerts in the legacy stack.
  - Increment the input and output position for EVP AES CFB1.
  - Ensure there is no trailing data for a CCS received by the
    TLSv1.3 stack.
  - Use CBS when procesing a CCS message in the legacy stack.
  - Be stricter with middlebox compatibility mode in the TLSv1.3
* Compatibility changes
  - The ASN.1 time parser has been refactored and rewritten using CBS.
    It has been made stricter in that it now enforces the rules from
    RFC 5280.
  - ASN1_AFLG_BROKEN was removed.
  - Error check tls_session_secret_cb() like OpenSSL.
  - Added ASN1_INTEGER_{get,set}_{u,}int64()
  - Move leaf certificate checks to the last thing after chain
  - Added -s option to openssl(1) ciphers that only shows the ciphers
    supported by the specified protocol.
  - Use TLS_client_method() instead of TLSv1_client_method() in
    the openssl(1) ciphers command.
  - Validate the protocols in SSL{_CTX,}_set_alpn_protos().
  - Made TS and PKCS12 opaque.
  - Per RFC 7292, safeContentsBag is a SEQUENCE OF, not a SET OF.
  - Align PKCS12_key_gen_uni() with OpenSSL
  - Various PKCS12 and TS accessors were added. In particular, the
    TS_RESP_CTX_set_time_cb() function was added back.
  - Allow a NULL header in PEM_write{,_bio}()
  - Allow empty attribute sets in CSRs.
  - Adjust signatures of BIO_ctrl functions.
  - Provide additional defines for EVP AEAD.
  - Provide OPENSSL_cleanup().
  - Make BIO_info_cb() identical to bio_info_cb().
* Bug fixes
  - Avoid use of uninitialized in BN_mod_exp_recp().
  - Fix X509_get_extension_flags() by ensuring that EXFLAG_INVALID is
    set on X509_get_purpose() failure.
  - Fix HMAC() with NULL key.
  - Add ERR_load_{COMP,CT,KDF}_strings() to ERR_load_crypto_strings().
  - Avoid strict aliasing violations in BN_nist_mod_*().
  - Do not return X509_V_ERR_UNSPECIFIED from X509_check_ca().
    No return value of X509_check_ca() indicates failure. Application
    code should therefore issue a checked call to X509_check_purpose()
    before calling X509_check_ca().
  - Rewrite and fix X509v3_asid_subset() to avoid segfaults on some
    valid input.
  - Call the ASN1_OP_D2I_PRE callback after ASN1_item_ex_new().
  - Fix d2i_ASN1_OBJECT to advance the *der_in pointer correctly.
  - Avoid use of uninitialized in ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8().
  - Do not pass uninitialized pointer to ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8().
  - Do not refuse valid IPv6 addresses in nc(1)'s HTTP CONNECT proxy.
  - Do not reject primes in trial divisions.
  - Error out on negative shifts in BN_{r,l}shift() instead of
    accessing arrays out of bounds.
  - Fix URI name constraints, allow for URI's with no host part.
  - Fix the legacy verifier callback behaviour for untrusted certs.
  - Correct serfver-side handling of TLSv1.3 key updates.
  - Plug leak in PKCS12_setup_mac().
  - Plug leak in X509V3_add1_i2d().
  - Only print X.509 versions we know about.
  - Avoid signed integer overflow due to unary negation
  - Initialize readbytes in BIO_gets().
  - Plug memory leak in CMS_add_simple_smimecap().
  - Plug memory leak in X509_REQ_print_ex().
  - Check HMAC() return value to avoid a later use of uninitialized.
  - Avoid potential NULL dereference in ssl_set_pkey().
  - Check return values in ssl_print_tmp_key().
  - Switch loop bounds from size_t to int in check_hosts().
  - Avoid division by zero if no connection was made in s_time.c.
  - Check sk_SSL_CIPHER_push() return value
  - Avoid out-of-bounds read in ssl_cipher_process_rulestr().
  - Use LONG_MAX as the limit for ciphers with long based APIs.
* New features
  - EVP API for HKDF ported from OpenSSL and subsequently cleaned up.
  - The security level API (SSL_{,CTX}_{get,set}_security_level()) is
    now available. Callbacks and ex_data are not supported. Sane
    software will not be using this.
  - Experimental support for the BoringSSL QUIC API.
  - Add initial support for TS ESSCertIDv2 verification.
  - LibreSSL now uses the Baillie-PSW primality test instead of
    Miller-Rabin .

The LibreSSL project continues improvement of the codebase to reflect modern,
safe programming practices. We welcome feedback and improvements from the
broader community. Thanks to all of the contributors who helped make this
release possible.

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