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Portable OpenSSH commits now SSH-signed

Contributed by rueda on from the ouroboros dept.

Damien Miller (djm@) notes that all (new) commits to the portable OpenSSH repository are now signed using git's SSH signature support.

Further details are on the OpenSSH development mailing list:

We are in the process of converting the portable OpenSSH repository
to require signed commits, tags and pushes, using git's recent ssh
signature support. So far it's gone very smoothly, and we hope to have
it enforced for all commits soon.

We maintain our own git repository for portable OpenSSH, that is
automatically mirrored to github. We use "pre-receive" and "update"
hooks to check for signed pushes and tags/commits respectively, using
an in-repository allowed_signers file.

This is a most welcome process integrity improvement that hopefully will make the world trust our favorite SSH software even more.

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  1. By Janne Johansson (jj) on

    Even Dell? ;-)

    1. By n/a (Cabal) on

      Love it!

    2. By Darren Tucker (dtucker) on

      We could not possibly disclose.


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