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Several /sbin daemons are now dynamically-linked

Contributed by rueda on from the living the life dynamic dept.

In a pair of commits, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) changed many daemons in /sbin to be dynamically linked. First this, which had some of us a little mystified:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2022/08/29 05:51:05

Modified files:
	etc            : rc 

Log message:
mount /usr earlier, to satisfy dynamically-linked daemons in /sbin better
(there will be more soon)

But the followup a few hours later explains some of the motivation for the move:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2022/08/29 11:00:30

Modified files:
	sbin/dhcpleased: Makefile 
	sbin/mountd    : Makefile 
	sbin/nfsd      : Makefile 
	sbin/pflogd    : Makefile 
	sbin/resolvd   : Makefile 
	sbin/slaacd    : Makefile 
	sbin/unwind    : Makefile 

Log message:
Dynamically link these /sbin daemons: dhcpleased, mountd, nfsd, pflogd,
resolvd, slaacd, unwind.
The mitigation story is way better: syscalls are in a randomly located
libc, and every syscall stub is randomly located inside that due to
random relinking.  As opposed to fixed offset inside a release binary.
There is one known consequence: /usr nfs mounting must use statically
configured IP addresses.
ok kettenis florian, others

With this explanation in place, we look forward to discussions of the security benefits of this change.

We, for some, find this quite exciting, and we are looking forward to further changes along the same lines that my occur.

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