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/usr/games removed from the default $PATH

Contributed by rueda on from the playground-police dept.

In -current, /usr/games has been removed from the default $PATH. Theo Buehler (tb@) committed the change:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2022/08/10 01:40:37

Modified files:
	etc/skel       : dot.cshrc dot.profile 

Log message:
Remove games from the default $PATH in /etc/skel

The games are a playground for developers. Their code is very old and full
of bugs.

ok deraadt kn

So when you next sit down on a fresh snapshot install and want to do a quick rot13 or do a round of tetris, you may need to specify the full path.

Alternatively, you could dig into the code and see if you can fix a bug or two.

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