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Game of Trees 0.74 released

Contributed by grey on from the new key bindings yet familiar for users of vi & less is more! dept.

For those who have been paying attention to the Game of Trees development list, there has been a lot going on with got(1). Apologies here at undeadly for having missed some release announcements!

Having written as much, got 0.74 was released on July 14th, 2022!

Release notes may be found here:

The -portable release also got some attention, and those release notes may be found here:

Though not exhaustive, here are some things that caught my attention out of the many improvements:

- create and verify tags signed by SSH keys (jrick) 0.73
- make the diff algorithm used by 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' configurable 0.73
- switch 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' to Myers diff by default for speed 0.73
- for linux, fix usage of pipe(2) during SSH signing and verification (jrick) 0.74
- portable: the libexec helpers now support Capsicum on FreeBSD, which is similar to OpenBSD's pledge() syscall. 0.73
- move 'got init' command to 'gotadmin init' 0.74
- regress test SSH key revocations (jrick) 0.74
- add missing revoked_signers grammar to got.conf(5) (jrick) 0.74
- tog: implement global 'S' key map to switch split mode (jamsek) 0.74

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