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OpenBGPD 7.4 released

Contributed by grey on from the SMTP takes precedence over HTTP where would they be without BGP dept.

We wouldn't blame you if you it slipped under your RADAR that OpenBGPD 7.4 was released, since it doesn't appear to have been mentioned on the OpenBGPD website yet. However, the release notes may be found in this mailing list post from June 14th, 2022:

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  1. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

    One new thing the webpage said was the following:

    * Relax IP address limitation by allowing prefixes in 240/4.

    Does this mean the networking community is going ahead now using up IPv4 Multicast regions for Unicast? How unfortunate! I'm a proponent of letting IPv4 die! (Though don't touch my 3 static IP4 IP's) :-)

    1. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

      Never mind. I got confused around IPv4, 240/8 is not Multicast, this is unlike IPv6 which uses the last /8 (IPv6 /8) for multicast.


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