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LibreSSL 3.5.2 released

Contributed by grey on from the Not many new features, but a lot of bug and compatibility fixes dept.

Hot on the heels of OpenBSD 7.1's release, LibreSSL has been updated to 3.5.2!

The complete release notes may be read here:

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  1. By Gregory Edigarov (gred) on

    waiting for ed25519 to be fully supported, with openssl ed25519 commands.

    1. By grey (grey) on

      Out of curiosity, what seems to be missing relative to OpenSSL?

      " * Curve25519 Key Exchange support."

      From and LibreSSL 2.5.3 was released in April of 2017.

      Similarly: openssl ecparam -list_curves |grep 25519 using "OpenSSL 3.0.3 3 May 2022 (Library: OpenSSL 3.0.3 3 May 2022)" reveals nothing, just like LibreSSL, as mentioned way back when here:

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying there is feature parity with ed25519 between LibreSSL and OpenSSL, but some more specificity with precisely what features you wish were available in LibreSSL that don't seem to be there would be nice, because my initial reading had me scratching my head with a, "I thought LibreSSL supported that a LONG time ago" but I may be incorrect.

      Thanks for any additional insights you may be able to provide!


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