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Fair Internet bandwidth management on a network using OpenBSD

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the put more QoS in your queues dept.

OpenBSD Journal co-editor Solène Rapenne (solene@) writes,
I have a simple DSL line with 15 Mb/s in download and 900 kb/s upload rates and there are many devices using the Internet and two people in remote work. Some poorly designed software (mostly on windows) will auto update without allowing to reduce the bandwidth or some huge bloated website will require lot of download and will impact workers using the network.

The point of this article is to explain how to use OpenBSD as a router on your network to allow the Internet access to be used fairly by devices on the network to guarantee everyone they will have at least a bit of Internet to continue working flawlessly.

Read the whole thing, Fair Internet bandwidth management on a network using OpenBSD for a walkthrough of implementing queueing and QoS traffic shaping for your network.

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  1. By grey (grey) on

    This was a nice read. Given that pf got rid of ALTQ a while ago, a lot of the older guides on ACK prioritization using pf which depended upon ALTQ were predictably, less relevant to OpenBSD from when they had originally been written. I can see this being used as a reference point for many moving forward!


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