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resolvd(8) - daemon to handle nameserver configuration

Contributed by rueda on from the where do names come from dept.

With the following commit, Florian Obser (florian@) imported resolvd(8), a daemon for handling nameserver configuration:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2021/02/24 11:10:41

Added files:
	sbin/resolvd   : Makefile resolvd.8 resolvd.c 

Log message:
Import resolvd(8), a daemon to rewrite resolv.conf.
prodding deraadt

Since the initial import, resolvd(8) has seen:

  1. some significant reworking
  2. improvements to the man page
  3. linking to the build

From manual page description (at the time of writing):

resolvd handles the contents of /etc/resolv.conf, which contains details
of the system's DNS nameservers, and is read by the resolver routines in
the C library.

resolvd checks whether unwind(8) is running and monitors the routing
socket for proposals sent by dhclient(8), slaacd(8), or network devices
which learn DNS information such as umb(4).

It remains a work-in-progress.

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  1. By Axe Xae (axeXae) on http://localhost

    Do we really need a daemon for this? I agree that dnsmasq can be useful for certain things like you have various internal .dom1.lan .dom2.lan etc name servers and you want to route the request to the proper NSes but as I said we have dnsmasq, why to make something else now?!? Also in normal scenarios it is not even needed, why do we need another useless daemon running all the time for name resolution?

  2. By rjc (rjc) on

    would have been a better name ;^)


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