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OpenBSD KDE Status Report

Contributed by Rafael Sadowski on from the Vitamin K injections dept.

OpenBSD has managed to drop KDE3 and KDE4 in the 6.8 -> 6.9 release cycle. That makes me very happy because it was a big piece of work and long discussions. This of course brings questions: Kde Plasma 5 package missing.

After half a year of work, I managed to successfully update the Qt5 stack to the last LTS version 5.15.2. On the whole, the most work was updating QtWebengine. What a monster! With my CPU power at home, I can build it 1-2 times a day which makes testing a little bit annoying and time intensive.

But today we can be happy about an up-to-date KDE stack in OpenBSD. Currently - at the end of January - our stack is very up-to-date:

  • Qt 5.15.2
  • Qt Creator 4.14.0
  • KDE Frameworks 5.78.0
  • KDE Applications 20.12.1 (Almost everything!)
  • Kdevelop 5.6.1
  • Krita 4.4.2
  • KMyMoney 5.1.1
  • DigiKam 7.1.0

I try to keep KDE Applications 20.12.x stable until the 6.9 release.

Let's move on to the topic of KDE Plasma. The Plasma desktop and some other KDE applications have a strong dependence on Wayland. As long as there is no Wayland under OpenBSD, there will also be no KDE Plasma.

It can be observed that more and more KDE applications already prefer a strong dependency on Wayland. For example Spectacle.

In summary, no OpenBSD Wayland support, no KDE Plasma, and probably less and less KDE applications.

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  1. By Aisha Tammy (aishat) on

    > QtWebEngine. What a monster!

    Understatement of the century :D

    > It can be observed that more and more KDE applications already prefer a strong dependency on Wayland.

    Is there any hope of bringing wayland to OpenBSD?
    I help with a lot of wayland packages in Gentoo and would like to help here as well. Sadly, I am not sure how I could help best, as the GUI/X-org stack in OpenBSD is a lot more integrated.

    In any case, thanks a lot for your work <3 !!


    1. By Florian E. (0xf10e) on

      I've always wondered if a shim
      wouldn't be possible. The Wayland
      website sounds like it would
      be possible to run Wayland on
      top of X11 (probably with horrible

      >> […] The clients can be traditional
      >> applications, X servers (rootless
      >> or fullscreen) or other display
      >> servers.

    2. By Ben (bemc) on

      Unfortunatelly, the Wayland development is strongly focused on Linux.

  2. By Amit Kulkarni (amitkulz) on

    Tremendous effort Rafael!!! Thanks

  3. By Don Mickunas (dmick1954) on

    So, as the transition to Wayland progresses in the Linux world, there will be fewer and fewer packages that will be available on the BSDs?


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