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BSDCAN 2020 talk on Using OpenBGPd as a Control Plane for an ISP

Contributed by Tom Smyth on from the all routes nominal dept.

I presented a talk on how I used OpenBGPd as a control plane for my ISP. I cover areas such as Routing fundamentals, a lightning introduction to BGP. An interesting aspect of the design is how the OpenBSD / OpenBGPd is used to control the routing information in my ISP yet the forwarding of packets is offloaded to hardware Layer 3 switches. I also outline my favourite new feature of OpenBGPd max prefix out which I'm sure will save my blushes if/when I fat finger my Prefix filters (although if my hair cut is anything to go by it is clear I have no shame anyway!). You can check out the talk here! Tom would welcome comments and feedback on the talk. I hope the talk will help others in deploying OpenBGPd and OpenBSD in their networks.

I would also suggest that those interested in learning more about OpenBGPd check out Peter Hessler's Tutorial on OpenBGPd which served as an essential aid in getting comfortable in configuring BGP on OpenBSD / OpenBGPd. Peter usually runs the Tutorial in advance of BSD Conferences.

I would like to give a big shout out to the people who write the code in OpenBSD and OpenBGPd, and that your effort makes my life running my network and ISP easier.

A huge word of thanks is due to Dan Langielle and the BSDCAN2020 Volunteers who organised the virtual BSDCAN 2020 conference this year in quite difficult circumstances.

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    will slides be made available?


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