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Bob Beck Interview from EuroBSDCon 2018

Contributed by Tom Smyth on from the we have TLSened to this from way over here dept.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Bob Beck at EuroBSDCon 2018 in Bucharest and asking him some questions about the OpenBSD Project, its approaches and some of his favourite aspects of the Operating System and its projects. Bob patiently outlines the hows and whys of his involvement in the BSD project.

Tom and Bob conduct a post-mortem on a training course on LibTLS Bob Delivered (excellently) in EuroBSDCon & BSDCAN. Bob discusses what online services he used in class for training students on LibTLS and why it can be a very effective teaching aid.

Bob modestly plays down his ability to churn out LibTLS Developers. Bob also gives guidance on the approaches to contributing to the project.

Bob reveals the code he least likes working on and why.

Bob lets us know what he really thinks about documentation and its value to the community.

Bob outlines an example of applying lessons learned from one bug to inform audits looking for similar bugs elsewhere in the OS and the software ecosystem that it supports.

I enjoyed making the interview with Bob who answered the questions with a remarkable combination of purpose and humour.

Bob thanks again for your time, and putting up with my interruptions and jokes :)

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