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OpenBSD Foundation 2019 campaign wrapup

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the puff up the funds dept.

Ken Westerback [krw@ when wearing his OpenBSD hat] wrote us with this update about the OpenBSD Foundation's work:

As the OpenBSD Foundation begins to prepare the 2020 fundraising campaign we would like to thank all the contributors to our 2019 campaign.

Our target for 2019 was CDN$300K. Our community's continued generosity combined with our corporate donors exceeded that nicely. In addition we received the largest single donation in our history, CDN$380K from Smartisan. The return of Google was another welcome event. Altogether 2019 was our most successful campaign to date, yielding CDN$692K in total.

We thank all our donors, Iridium (Smartisan), Platinum (Yandex, Google), Gold (Microsoft, Facebook) Silver (2Keys) and Bronze (genua, Thinkst Canary). But especially our community of smaller donors whose contributions are the bedrock of our support. Thank you all!

One last event of note. Late in 2019 we registered with Benevity ( Benevity is used by corporate employee donation matching programs. While the 2019 returns were modest, we hope that employees with access to such programs will be able to attract substantial matching corporate donations though Benevity. We continue to seek other organizations that can provide similar services for Canadian non-profit corporations like the OpenBSD Foundation.

Thanks Ken!

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  1. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

    Congratulation on a good run in 2019!


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