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p2k19 Hackathon Report: Jeremy Evans on PostgreSQL and Ruby

Contributed by rueda on from the of elephants and gems dept.

Our next p2k19 report comes from Jeremy Evans (jeremy@):

While I had originally planned to attend the entire hackathon, circumstances changed and I was only able to make it there for a few days. Still, I was able to get some work done.

I started off by preparing an update to PostgreSQL 12. This involved updating a bunch of ports that depend on PostgreSQL. Thankfully, the PostgreSQL 12 update was a little easier than the PostgreSQL 11 update, and didn't take as much time. Now that PostgreSQL 12.1 has been released, this update should hopefully be committed to the ports tree soon.

Per our standard Ruby support policy, I removed Ruby 2.4 from the ports tree, since it will be unsupported upstream before the next release.

After that, I worked on updates to all of the ruby gem ports that use C extensions. Most of these were fairly straightforward, with the usual exception of ruby-passenger, which took more time than the rest of the ports combined. I also imported ruby-sassc, a libsass-based sass/scss to css convertor that replaces the pure-ruby sass gem.

In the time I had left, I worked on ports for old versions of PostgreSQL. These will mostly be useful for testing, but could also be useful for pg_upgrade if you are skipping releases. As we don't want to support more than the current and previous PostgreSQL version in the ports tree, these ports are available on GitHub:

I am disappointed I was not able to attend the entire hackathon, but I definitely enjoyed my time in Bucharest. Thank you very much to Paul Irofti, the University of Bucharest, and the OpenBSD Foundation for putting on this hackathon.

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