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p2k19 Hackathon Report: Landry Breuil on unveil(2)-ing Mozilla, sqlite3 testing

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the leashing-the-lizard-and-the-fox dept.

Fresh from the just concluded p2k19 hackathon comes this report from Landry breuil (landry@), who writes:

This year having been a bit hectic with work and house renovation, i was really planning to enjoy bucarest as the first real break of the year.. and it definitely was a blast.

I had planned to arrive some days in advance to enjoy the city, and thanks to paul i really had a great time wandering around, biking in all the neighborhoods with a great weather, visiting parks with his lovely kids, discovering the city center.. a good break to rest before actually starting the hackathon !

For once, i had one goal: working with upstream to properly integrate jcs@'s work on adding unveil() support to firefox. And i had to admit this went pretty well, i mostly needed to adapt to the new mozilla workflow of reviewing patches through instead of the previous workflow where everything happened through - this required levelling up my mercurial-fu and learning new tools, but all in all this went pretty well, and the patches were quickly integrated (cf,, &

So now (in mozilla trunk), the pledge() and unveil() configs moved from about:config variables to plaintext files, installed by default by the package in /usr/local/lib/firefox/browser/defaults/preferences/, and overridable if needed by copying them in /etc/firefox and editing them there. This has the advantage of only allowing root to modify those configs.

As it is done in chromium, the browser can only access files inside /tmp and ~/Downloads by default, so user workflows to upload/download files might have to by adapted.. this also has the side effect of losing mimetype associations, only now relying on the system defaults configured via xdg-mime.

Of course all this is being documented in the fine README (, and since now all the patches are commited upstream, i plan to backport them to firefox 71 once its released so that -current users can benefit from jcs@'s work. In the meantime, ppl can still test the 71 betas i provide, cf this thread:

Btw, during this hackathon, more patches that we had lying around were merged upstream: fixed the sound playback with unveil, fixed arm64 build, fixed the trunk build... maybe i spent more time working on mozilla than actually working on OpenBSD :)

I spent some time with kmos@ to give him the ropes on how to run the sparc64 ports bulk build cluster, with cwen@ online to transfer her the macppc ports bulk cluster, and i can say that now both architectures are in really good caring hands .. after having run those for almost ten years, i think it was time to transfer them to someone else.

I also tried reviving the sqlite3 testing infrastructure, which requires the tcl bits provided upstream, and it was a 'fun' hacking time to figure out how to properly integrate the testing step in the databases/sqlite3-tcl port.. work is still underway, but on the 3444413 tests that ship with the recently updated 3.30.1, only 13 fail on OpenBSD, and the full tcl test suite ( runs in 6 hours.

And finally, i spent the last days of the hackathon playing with the brand new debug infrastructure for packages, providing them for key ports such as firefox/thunderbird and Xfce. Pretty happy how it turned out, and now we can be sure that we will receive better bug reports with useful traces.. so thanks espie@ and pirofti@ for working on this !

So, all in all, not that many actual commits to the ports tree, but much useful hours ! And all the other hours were definitely enjoyable, walking under the sunshine in bucarest, visiting the crazy palace of parliament, enjoying beers & wine with my fellow friends, trying all the possible coffees and local foods, having a blast at the thermes...

Many many thanks paul, the university of bucarest and the OpenBSD foundation for having us for a great hackathon !

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  1. By Magic carpet (bodie) on

    Great job Landry. Interesting work and nice cooperation with upstream.


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