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New openbsdstore available with 6.6 T-shirts

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the better-clothes-for-the-emperor dept.

A new OpenBSD store has been started, for those looking for OpenBSD swag now that the project no longer produces CDs. If you like the artwork that comes with the releases, this is a great way to support it. Quoting the about page:

We believe art helps explain and define what OpenBSD is. Store managed by Job Snijders (job@) and Natasha Allegri. All profits from this store are used to pay the artists who create art for OpenBSD.

So if your old wireframe puffy shirt is getting a bit faded, or if your three-headed-daemon shirt is tearing at the seams - get a new shirt now and support artwork for the project!

OpenBSD shirt

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  1. By Anonymous Coward (consus) on

    Please, provide posters!

  2. By d.c. (d.c.) on

    Nice Tshirts! But sentences like "By clicking 'Place Your Order' you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. You also agree to receive periodic email updates, discounts, and special offers" mean a no go zone for me... :-(

    1. By Robert Patton (rpatton) on

      Agreed. If I want them I would ask for them!

    2. By LI AR (liar666) on

      Also, there are hidden ("handling") costs added right at the end of the process, when you are under high pressure of paying rapidly (<5min), before your order is cancelled (apart for commercial purposes - it is well known that Amazon uses such tricks to force people to buy -, I don't understand why this pressure is in place, as the teespring website advertises that it prints the tee shirts on demand...).

      Also, there's currently a bug in the website, as shipping costs are not reduced for the additional items when you add more than 1 item. I've noticed the admins of the website, let's see what they have to say about that.

      I would like to help finance OpenBSD's artists, but not using a platform that is not fair with its users...

      1. By rjc (rjc) on

        I had the very same issues:

        - £2.75 postage per item, instead of £2.75 + £1 for an additiona item

        - £0.73 "handling fee" (whatever that means) applied to each item

        I've been back and forth with their "support" but they're very uncooperative, giving me the most bizarre "explanations", i.e. VAT, customs, etc. where it clearly states that shipping is done from within the EU so there are no customs charges to the UK - not *yet anyway ;^) - and VAT is already applied.

        This is by far the worst t-shirt-buying experience (money and sustomer support -wise) I've ever had.

        I'm happy to support the OpenBSD and artist making the artwork, but I'd prefer if you choose a different platform next time.

        1. By rjc (rjc) on

          Also, they (teespring) have demanded screenshots... because they can't f*@$%&#! read text (I've forwarded them the confirmation email).

        2. By Robert Patton (rpatton) on

          This is clearly unacceptable. Negativity with the product(s) sold is a distractor from the great product in OpenBSD itself. Purchasing should be a great experience and have the effect on the customer wanting to be a repeat customer. The experience described by the above person failed that mark.

        3. By Robert Patton (rpatton) on

          I should have specified. The "above person" was referring to the person who had the VAT fee issue.

  3. By vvim (unisoftdesign) on

    what's the Evon & Mili reference? I demand ansores!

  4. By Robert Patton (rpatton) on

    Larger size would be great - specifically 5X for me!

  5. By Andre Ruppert (bassocksky) on

    Ha! That's great - for me as an OpenBSD lover _and_ rock bass player.
    Fine work.

    Just ordered.

    Teespring is actually a little strange with cost caluculation, but nevertheless....

  6. By kaka S Ync (kaka.sync) on

    Hi, any change to buy this one? size: XL/XXL

  7. By rehcla (rehcla) on

    They only support payment methods of the "evil empire" or suppressors of "free speech" like PayPal!

    NoDeal for me!


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