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Game of Trees

Contributed by rueda on from the got-to-do-things-properly dept.

Stefan Sperling (stsp@) is developing a version control system, "Game of Trees". From <>:

Game of Trees (Got) is a version control system which prioritizes ease of use and simplicity over flexibility.

Got is still under development; it is being developed exclusively on OpenBSD and its target audience are OpenBSD developers.

Got uses Git repositories to store versioned data. At present, Got supports local version control operations only. Git can be used for any functionality which has not yet been implemented in Got. It will always remain possible to work with both Got and Git on the same repository.

GoT has been added to the ports tree as devel/got.

It is the subject of a talk at EUROBSDCON 2019.

Stefan has been involved in the discussion on

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  1. By Anonymous Coward (mcbill1025) on

    I'm interested, what made you decide to re-implement Git this way instead of using something existing like Fossil/Bazaar/Pajul/etc? Is there something about the implementation of Git that you find disgusting?

    It's a noble idea to be compatible with Git repositories, but you still need a .got directory with it (according to the man page), so what's the idea behind this?

    1. By Stefan Sperling (stsp) on

      You know what, dear Internet, I have been getting such questions a lot lately. You can now read the answers here.

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