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rpki-client(8) imported into the tree

Contributed by rueda on from the rogue packets kill the internet dept.

Job Snijders (job@) has imported Kristaps Dzonsons' rpki-client (discussed previously) into the tree:

And here is the commit message:

Import Kristaps Dzonsons' RPKI validator into the tree

rpki-client(1) is an implementation of the Resource Public Key
Infrastructure (RPKI), specified by RFC 6480. The client is responsible
for downloading, validating and converting Route Origin Authorisations
(ROAs) into Validated ROA Payloads (VRPs). The client's output (VRPs)
can be used by bgpd(8) to perform BGP Origin Validation (RFC 6811).

The current rpki-client(1) version depends on the CMS functions in
OpenSSL, this of course needs to be addressed urgently.

Thanks to NetNod, IIS.SE, SUNET & 6connect for supporting this effort!

OK deraadt@

On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 08:31:31AM -0600, Job Snijders wrote:
> CVSROOT:	/cvs
> Module name:	src
> Changes by:	2019/06/17 08:31:31
> Log message:
>     ../../../logmessage
>     Status:
>     Vendor Tag:	job
>     Release Tags:	job_20190617
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/Makefile
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/as.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/cert.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/cms.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/crl.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/extern.h
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/io.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/ip.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/log.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/main.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/mft.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/roa.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/rpki-client.1
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/rsync.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/tal.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/test-cert.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/test-ip.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/test-mft.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/test-roa.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/test-tal.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/compats.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/configure
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/tests.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/output-bgpd.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/validate.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/x509.c
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/tals/afrinic.tal
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/tals/apnic.tal
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/tals/lacnic.tal
>     N src/usr.sbin/rpki-client/tals/ripe.tal
>     No conflicts created by this import

At the time of writing, it is not linked to the build, but work continues apace.

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