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OpenBSD 6.5 Released

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the Live from Puffystock dept.

2019-04-24, Calgary, Alberta, Canada and elsewhere: With a message sent to relevant mailing lists, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) announced that the OpenBSD project's 46th release, OpenBSD 6.5 is now generally available from mirror sites all over the world.

Notable changes include but are not limited to:

  • On amd64 and i386 platforms, the default linker has been changed to lld.
  • The radeonsi Mesa driver (for hardware acceleration on Southern Islands and Sea Islands radeondrm(4) devices) has been added.
  • pvclock(4), a driver for the KVM paravirtual clock, has been added.
  • Support for isochronous transfers has been added to xhci(4).
  • The (replacement) uaudio(4) driver now supports USB audio class v2.0.
  • There have been numerous improvement in both the IEEE 802.11 wireless and generic network stacks.
  • unveil(2) has been improved considerably, and pledge(2) has gained a new "video" promise.
  • RETGUARD has replaced the stack-protector on amd64 and arm64 architectures.
  • The new pthread rwlock implementation has improved the latency of threaded applications.
  • Xorg(1), the X window server, is no longer installed setuid.
  • bgpd(8) has been enhanced considerably.
  • openrsync(1), rdsetroot(8), and unwind(8) have been added.

For a fuller description, see the OpenBSD 6.5 release page or the detailed changelog of changes since the previous release.

See also the Upgrade Guide.

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  1. By Noryungi (noryungi) on

    Congratulations to everyone involved!

    I will donate to the OpenBSD Foundation soon, and I hope everyone reading this article will do so as well.

    1. By powerolive (powerolive) on

      this page say it is released in Released May 1, 2019

      1. By powerolive (powerolive) on

        1. By powerolive (powerolive) on

          it shows 404

          1. By d.c. (d.c.) on

            It's just a small time-zone-like time shift. Beware the jetlag!


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