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openrsync imported into the tree

Contributed by rueda on from the diving-into-base dept.

openrsync, a clean-room implementation of rsync, is being developed by Kristaps Dzonsons as part of the rpki-client(1) project [featured in an earlier article]. openrsync(1) has been imported into the tree (as "rsync") by Sebastian Benoit (benno@):

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2019/02/10 16:18:28

Added files:
	usr.bin/rsync  : Makefile blocks.c child.c client.c 
	                 downloader.c extern.h fargs.c flist.c hash.c 
	                 io.c log.c main.c md4.c md4.h mkpath.c 
	                 receiver.c rsync.1 rsync.5 rsyncd.5 sender.c 
	                 server.c session.c socket.c symlinks.c 

Log message:
Import Kristaps' openrsync into the tree.
OK deraadt@

The "Security" section on the GitHub site contains a description of openrsync's use of OpenBSD's security features.

At the time of writing, rsync is not yet linked to the build.

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  1. By Billy Larlad (billylarlad) on

    This is very welcome! Thanks to everyone involved.

    rsync is versatile, but the downside is that it definitely has <em>a lot</em> of options: its compressed manual page is almost as big as the compressed openrsync sources. I'm really excited about an rsync clone that I can actually sort of understand. (That said, I am hopeful that at least one rsync feature -- exclude -- can make it into openrsync.)

    Again, thanks!

  2. By Renaud Allard (renaud) on

    rsync in base. Excellent.
    Thank you Kristaps and benno

  3. By anexit (anexit) on


  4. By Janne Johansson (jj) on

    If there ever was a single pkg I always add to all obsd boxes, it would be rsync.

  5. By chas (chas) on

    I usually push rsync over stunnel with a self-signed key on both sides that is checked with verify=4, so I am less fearful of hostile network data. I launch stunnel with inetd or socket activation, on one side with client=yes.

    If the rsync protocol were being redesigned today, implicit chroot and setuid under libtls would likely be the default.


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