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g2k18 hackathon report: Kenneth Westerback on dhcpd(8) fixes, disklabel(8) refactoring and more

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the refactor the factors dept.

A new g2k18 hackathon report has arrived, this time from Kenneth Westerback (krw@), who writes:

Other than missing a connection due to "seat maintenance" in YYZ, travel was uneventful. I arrived MUC (twelve hours late) and spent a week hacking with bluhm@ and mpi@ at Genua's Geekweek, to which bluhm@ had kindly arranged an invitation. I managed to start committing some disklabel(8) code refactoring otto@ and I have been discussing for a while. Mostly cleaning up partition offset and size rounding code. I also tightened up some dhcpd(8) man page ambiguity as requested by sthen@ and started by jmc@. I ok'ed a mpi@ fix for a dhclient(8) issue and reviewed and ok'ed various diffs from bluhm@.

Then I caught the bluhm@ express to Ljubljana. Whoosh!

Once in Ljubljana I found that someone had absconded with the key to my assigned room. This was quickly sorted by management and I was off to the hackroom. Where I claimed a seat near Bob and Theo, hoping to witness the sparks around finishing up unveil. While waiting for the sparks, I started final cleanup of more disklabel code refatoring, And made some parse.y tweaks to improve the consistency of the error messages by using __func__ and relying on the strerr() messages in the various out of memory situations.

I negotiated an exemption to the usual "last person to touch NFS owns it" rule and nuked an unused #define. Every little bit helps.

Retiring for the evening I returned in the morning to find guenther@ had stolen my spot at the big boys table! I relocated to the mlarkin@ table and went back to work. Nothing came to fruition that day and off to bed I went. Returning the next morning I found that reyk@ had stolen my spot at the mlarkin@'s table!! I slunk off to do some laundry. On my return I tried sitting next to mortimer@ for a while but then I grabbed rpe@'s spot when he had to leave early. I managed to keep this seat for the rest of g2k18.

From this spot I brought an mg(1) nit to florian@'s attention. I expected him to fix it, but he just pointed at the likely source code and left me to do the work. Sigh. Eventually I 'fixed' mg(1) so hitting <cr> while in incremental search sets the mark and exits incremental search. Just like emacs does.

I committed more of the long gestating disklabel(8) code refactorings. I finished off g2k18 by killing some unused variables that clang was whining about. While the hackroom was torn down around me.

Another excellent Ljubljana hackathon! Excellent food, beer, wine, coffee! Excursions to caves and the sea! Thanks to Mitja for his organizational efforts, the OpenBSD Foundation for funding and all the developers new and old who make OpenBSD better and better!

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