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p2k18 Hackathon Report: Antoine Jacoutot on GNOME and portroach

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the gnomes-and-hobbits dept.

Next up in the stream of p2k18 reports is one from Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@):

Because there was yet another national railroad strike, I decided not to take any chance and arrived on the eve of the hackathon. I figured it would be a good excuse for a pajama party at gilles@'s. It turned out to be a great achievement… thank you mead :-)

Putting aside my enormous TODO list, I only had one goal for this week: upgrade our GNOME packages to version 3.28.1 in collaboration with my fellow hobbit jasper@. Not much to say about this… A few days and a couple of hundred commits later we had a nice and updated Desktop working.

Thanks to my ports build cluster (generously donated by Exoscale), I was able to run continuous bulks (twice a day) throughout the week to detect any fallout from the hackathon work.

Then I started what we call a "portroach rampage", i.e. go to and start updating as many ports as possible. This gave Jasper and I an idea: organize a nano-hackathon in which we will lock ourselves in a room with meat and mead and update as many ports as we can so that our tree ends up with less than 10% outdated packages. Fun times ahead! If you feel bored, portroach is a perfect spot to start entertaining yourself, don't hesitate to contribute!

Not much else… Fixing things here and there (e.g. small tweak to the heimdal MODULE to fix its pkgconfig path), chatting with fellow developers about different topics, annoying espie@ (I don't remember any specific but I always end up complaining to espie@ about something :-)).

As usual this hackathon would not have been possible without the OpenBSD Foundation and its generous donors as well as Epitech Nantes, thank you very much! And kudos to gilles@ for organizing such an awesome event ;-) Last but not least, I am also very grateful to my employer VPtech ( for giving me time to attend.

Thanks, Antoine, for the report and the work!

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  1. By justina.colmena (justinacolmena) on

    > a good excuse for a pajama party

    Yeah, that's right. I'm still looking for a good answer on those BSD sock(et) permissions. I'm trying to have different users set up on my system for different web stuff that needs access to different sockets, (fastcgi, database, etc.,) but the standard Unix file permissions don't seem to apply to sockets, so I'm trying to put those sockets in directories with 0500 permissions. It's like when you do the laundry and some of the socks are missing a mate.

    > yet another national railroad strike,

    That is always trouble. Big trouble. I used to work in the office for a "non"-union plumbing outfit. Those guys all stand there and fold their arms the same way in front of the picket signs: "I'm union." "I'm non-union." I have concluded that the "non-union" is just another labor union.


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