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EuroBSDcon 2017 Presentations Available

Contributed by rueda on from the showing how it's done dept.

The Events and Papers page of the OpenBSD website has been updated to include links for the recently-concluded EuroBSDcon 2017.

Rather than reproduce the links here, we suggest readers head over to the authoritative source.

Video recordings of individual presentations are not available at the time of writing, but may be found when the multi-session room recordings are up.

Update: Events and Papers now has links to individual videos, and a playlist is available. (Thanks Mevene and espie!)

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  1. By Marc Espie (espie) on

    I want again to thank bapt@ and aja@ for a wonderful conference.
    Videos courtesy of Gconfs, a student association at my current job (Epita), very proud of what they did over those two days!

  2. By Philipp ( on provides timestamps to the start of the talks in the recorded livestream

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Thanks for the link. Some of the videos are uploaded now.

    2. By Meven Courouble ( on

      Please refer to this playlist. All the individual talks will be added to it during this week-end. And after that, the raw full-day videos won't be available anymore. Editing 35 videos is taking a bit more time than expected.

      1. By Marc Espie (espie) on

        No kidding! Thanks Mevene.

        All the OpenBSD talks have been linked to from their respective page


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