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b2k16 hackathon report: Landry Breuil on various ports progress

Contributed by pitrh on from the port the goulasch, puffy dept.

Our next b2k16 report comes from Landry Breuil, who writes:

6 years after my last visit to Budapest.. it's been a while, but the basics of a port hackathon there didn't change:
  • Peter's Apartment (now apparently Victor Hotel) is still as funky, and gets unjustified bad ratings on tripadvisor
  • Hungarian is still a funny language
  • Money still feels like monopoly (300HUF = 1EUR, and when you get 30kHUF you get 30x1000HUF bills..)
  • Szechenyi Baths are still as awesome
  • The restaurants still serve plenty of goose liver and duck breasts, with good wine or beer of course
  • The hackroom in the basement, with beamer and music all day long is still as gloomy
    • For once, i think it's been the only time i removed more stuff from the ports-tree rather than adding new ports.. in total, i removed something like 80 ports, most of them being the EOL'ed drupal6 port, and some dead upstream xfce bits... i also removed the sexy from OpenBSD, a sad sad day that was celebrated with palinka. But that leaves room for new stuff!

      In the first two days, i managed to deal with most of the easy and pending updates that i had worked on in advance (some geo stuff, mapserver, qgis, postgis, pgrouting, merkaartor, gdal...) and spent a bunch of time on Xfce itself, releasing (as the de-facto upstream) some Gtk3-ported panel plugins, and updating some of the Xfce ports to the Gtk3 version - work is ongoing upstream, and that looks promising!

      While in Xfce, i removed the use of gettext MODULE and took the opportunity to fix some WANTLIB - havent spent time polishing those ports in a while... since nowadays i spend more time coding on Xfce itself

      Found finally some time again to review properly the pending port for Tor Browser, even if i don't like the way it is developed (600+ patches against upstream firefox-esr !? even if relationship is improving..) nor will endorse its use, i feel that the time that was spent on porting it and updating it and maintaining it shouldn't be lost, and it should get commited - there are only some portswise minor tweaks to fix. Had a bit of discussions about that with other porters...

      After that, two big items on my list: update (and drop MAINTAINERship, any takers?) mail/sympa and mail/archiveopteryx - the latter being an interesting POP/IMAP server using PostgreSQL as its storage engine for mail, interesting idea but not that much alive it seems - sympa is alive and kicking, and it was almost a breeze to update it!

      The last big item was trying to have firefox-sync server code running again on OpenBSD, using the sync 1.5 API - this time not as a port (way too much stuff) but as an ansible playbook, but after two days trying to figure out where the maze ended, i left that aside. You have to realize that if you want to run your own full sync server (because selfhosting your bookmark/passwords feels important...), you need a python daemon (which comes from the old sync 1.1 server and takes care of storage, cf and 5 or 6 node.js daemons for the 'firefox account daemon' handling database, authentication, webpage content, profile, oauth... the maze, cf It's probably doable, but as a one-shot only, given that it's underdocumented, and what you find on the interwebs are either docker scripts (ugh, cf or stuff meant for localhost/development only and looking targeted at linux (cf - globally, that wasnt two lost days as i learnt a lot about node.js and ansible npm and pip modules

      Thanks again robert@ and the foundation for an ass-kicking hackathon, and i hope to come again next year to lovely Budapest!

    Thanks for the report and all the hard work, Landry!

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