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g2k16 Hackathon Report: Giovanni Bechis on ports updates, acpi resume work

Contributed by pitrh on from the puffing up dependencies dept.

The next g2k16 developer report comes from Giovanni Bechis, who writes:

My hackathon started late as usual and on my TODO there was lot of work to do on many ports.
After updating some simple ports I maintain and after pushing some patches upstream I started looking at upgrading some bigger ports to new versions.

Most of them are still uncommitted (I have to finish some diffs first) because of different problems, databases/mariadb 10.1 needs extensive tests on !x86 platform; x11/freerdp seemed simple at a first look but it revealed that the upgrade from 1.2.0rc1 to 1.2.0 broke the API and x11/remmina does not build anymore so I started to look at that one as well but the new version needs some more dependencies still unported.

After some more ports stuff I started looking at acpitoshiba(4); on my laptop after resume/hibernation the backlight does not work anymore, I went some step further but it is not fixed yet.

Thanks to Anil and Gemma for this great hackathon and to all other hackers as well.

Thanks for the report and the work, Giovanni! We look forward to seeing the patches and commits!

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