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Understanding the modernization of the OpenBSD network stack, part 1: ART single thread performances

Contributed by pitrh on from the parallel bunches of tubes dept.

Martin Pieuchot (mpi@) wrote in, saying

OpenBSD network developers are doing some great work at modernizing and improving the network stack. But even if you're following tech@, it might be tricky to understand what's going on.
So I decided to start writing articles about our show. Since the basement of our SMP work is the routing table, here's a first article about the performances of the new default algorithm: ART.

[Ed note: ART is short for "Allotment Routing Table".]

Follow the link, and you will find an explanation and some test results from the ongoing work in modernizing and SMPifying the network stack, written by one of the developers most intimately involved in the process.

Martin hints that this promises to be the first instalment in a series. We will be looking forward to future, pieces, Martin!

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  1. By Ilyas Bakirov ( on

    Good work, thanks!

  2. By Denis (Denis) on

    Thank you mpi@. I had the feeling your commits were important but couldn't tell how/why :)

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    thank you for making openbsd network smp friendly

  4. By Blake (2001:1b48:4:1337:cabc:c8ff:fe96:6d2f) on

    Thanks for the great work on SMP'ing the network stack!

  5. By Robert Taylor (RobertTaylor) on

    I checked out your article briefly on ART single thread performance. Looks interesting...thank you for posting it.. Cheers Rob


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