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p2k16 Hackathon Report: jasper@ on gnome, puppet and more

Contributed by tj on from the elastic-beats dept.

Our next report comes from Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse, who writes:

Hackathons have long since had two themes for me, gnomes and puppets. However this hackathon I actually didn't want to play with puppets for once, yet I ended up importing Puppet 4 after all. More on that later.

Shortly after arriving on Monday morning, Antoine and I set out to work on our primary task of the week. In the previous week we've done the groundwork for the GNOME 3.20 update so didn't expect to be working on the update for too long. However we finished next morning already which is probably the quickest update we've ever done. Kind of brings back the memories of earlier hackathons where we had to rush at the end of the week to make sure we committed all the pieces and the tree was in a good shape before we headed out for the "post-hackathon hike."

So with that out of the way I wanted to finish the "beats" ports I had been working on for a long time. Beats are shippers of a specific piece of data for analysis/storage in Elasticsearch. In the previous months I had been pushing patches to upstream for OpenBSD support in various parts of the framework.

I even had time to finish my own beat-project hwsensorsbeat which gathers the `hw.sensors` data and ships it off to Elasticsearch where you can use Kibana to draw pretty graphs of it.

With two of my projects done I ran out of excuses to look into Puppet 4 again. It turned out be relatively easy after deciding on a mapping for upstreams's new filesystem layout and what we deem is appropriate (e.g. no `/opt` for us). It's not yet hooked up and some parts are still missing, most notably a puppetdb to match puppet 4 and of course puppetserver. However that requires some more work on our facter port to build the Java bits. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Between these three larger projects I managed to work on a bunch of smaller things such as a new font module, a steady flow of updates, and a bugfix in portroach for PyPi.

Thanks to gilles@ and Epitech for organizing this excellent hackathon.

And thanks for sending in the report, Jasper!

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