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LibreSSL Windows Port Status Update

Contributed by tbert on from the viva-la-revolucion! dept.

Brent Cook (bcook@) wrote in to let us know that he's completed the initial work to get LibreSSL working on Win32 platforms:

I got a Windows 8.1 box running this weekend and spent some quality time making poll(2) emulation more robust, so that it can deal with more of the select->poll conversions in openssl(1) coming in the future. I also got the upstream poll conversion patches themselves in better working order. This Windows port is now achieved without any #ifdefs or odd workarounds. So, it should be possible to maintain support without having too many new warts in the LibreSSL tree.

So, what can it do now? Well, you can run this command in a powershell window:

.\apps\openssl.exe s_server -cert tests\server.pem

and this in another:

.\apps\openssl.exe s_client

and type on the console back and forth interactively. You can also run this from powershell and still get the expected result:

cat .\README | apps\openssl.exe s_client -connect

No big deal for those fancy 'everything works like a file' operating systems, but Windows very special in its handling of sockets vs. console IO vs pipes. Performance-wise, it's currently about 50x slower than Cygwin's native openssl.exe, but I have not begun to optimize anything yet.

- Brent

A big thanks to him for his work in making this happen!

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  1. By rjc (rjc) rjc on

    Both links, even though they point to "openbsd" and "portable", both "say" "portable".

    1. By tbert (tbert) on

      > Both links, even though they point to "openbsd" and "portable", both "say" "portable".

      Bad cut'n'paste on my part; thanks!


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