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Call for Testing: 64-bit PCI Bridge Support

Contributed by tbert on from the a-bridge-too-far dept.

Mark Kettenis (kettenis@) wrote a message to tech@ asking for volunteers to test a patch to squash a few bugs in the PCI code:

Hi All,

dlg@ managed to get access to a machine that actually uses 64-bit PCI
addresses behind a bridge.  This triggered some bugs in the so far
untested code.  Quelle suprprise!

I'd appreciate it if some people can verify that this doesn't break
other systems.  In particular I'm looking for testers on server-type
machines, both i386 and amd64.



If you have such a machine, you should make sure that this doesn't introduce any issues for you. As always, quality releases depend on widespread testing!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward (2001:4b10:1002:cc05:85a8:3575:46a:6295) on

    This needs testing on any 64-bit machines with PCI, not just those that the diff is aiming to help.


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