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libressl Renamed to libtls

Contributed by tbert on from the the-library-formerly-known-as-ssl dept.

EDIT: as pointed out both in the comments below and privately, this renames not the installed SSL library, but the new "ressl" API library. Our apologies for the confusion.

Joel Sing (jsing@) has renamed the the installed LibreSSL library:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2014/10/31 07:46:17

Modified files:
	include        : Makefile 
	lib            : Makefile 
	share/mk       : bsd.README 
Added files:
	lib/libtls     : Makefile shlib_version tls.c tls.h tls_client.c 
	                 tls_config.c tls_init.3 tls_internal.h 
	                 tls_server.c tls_util.c tls_verify.c 
Removed files:
	lib/libressl   : Makefile ressl.c ressl.h ressl_client.c 
	                 ressl_config.c ressl_init.3 ressl_internal.h 
	                 ressl_server.c ressl_util.c ressl_verify.c 

Log message:
Rename libressl to libtls to avoid confusion and to make it easier to
distinguish between LibreSSL (the project) and libressl (the library).

Discussed with many

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  1. By brynet (Brynet) on

    To clarify a little for tbert, this renames the new ressl API to libtls. It is not about renaming the project. :-)

    1. By Theo de Raadt ( on

      This is a messy article. It totally misses the point.

      The website explains this well, let me try to say it here as well, this time with some history and feeling.

      LibreSSL has a strange name, because the obvious OpenTLS name was taken (by someone who appears to be a retired OpenSSL developer, who tried to do a code-refactoring / fork, maybe, years ago, yet still owns some of the domainnames.)

      Being derived from OpenSSL, it has 3 parts: The openssl command, the crypto library, and the ssl library.

      LibreSSL adds a 3rd NEW LIBRARY, which is being designed carefully to provide a simpler software abstraction for TLS-using programs.

      That library, somehow, perhaps due to Slovenian beer, got the name "ressl", as in -lressl.

      Three months of experience has shown that this name completely breaks people's minds. They cannot talk about this clearly. "Which ressl are you talking about".

      This subset library is now just called TLS. As in, <tls.h>, -ltls, and with functions starting with 'tls_'. Amazingly, pretty much all software has avoided this namespace, so we get to grab it.

      Nothing to see here, except that the confusion ends.

      1. By Adam P ( on

        Thanks for taking the time to explain that Theo.

  2. By Tim ( on

    maybe lib ressl or lib-ressl or LibReSSL would clarify that we're talking about ressl here, which is a new api developed within libressl AFAIK.


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