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OpenBSD Passes 300,000 Commits

Contributed by pitrh on from the a long time ago in a repository far away dept.

Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) writes in with news that the OpenBSD source tree has seen its 300,000th commit. Ingo writes:

According to OpenBSD just passed its three hundred thousandth commit.

The page says:

  Commit Statistics:
  Total: 300000
      src: 161240 (53.747%)
      ports: 102588 (34.196%)
      www: 27421 (9.140%)
      X11: 8651 (2.884%)
      other: 100 (0.033%) 
  Total Days: 6941
  Average per day: 43.218
  Oldest: Sat Oct 14 16:36:00 MDT 1995
  Newest: Thu Oct 16 07:45:12 MDT 2014 

If Hugh's counting is accurate, that would be this commit:

  Modified files:
	usr.bin/col >   : col.c 

  Log message:
  1) Fix a segfault triggered by an input line containing two consecutive
  backspace characters beyond column MAX_SHRT, overflowing c_column.
  2) Fix imcomplete initialization of the final element of the *count
  array by adding a missing pair of parentheses.
  3) For code clarity and extra safety, change all variables dealing
  with column numbers from int to size_t such that they cannot overflow.
  Found while reviewing the patch from deraadt@'s reallocarray() rampage.
  Feedback and OK millert@.

It would be fitting if a jubilee commit in OpenBSD were a small bugfix that resulted from a code audit that resulted from introducing a new library interface intended to modernize and improve secure coding practices.

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  1. By rjc (rjc) rjc on

    Two days "too early" - otherwise it would nicely coincide with the birthday ;^)


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