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SSL v3

Contributed by tbert on from the man's-worst-friend dept.

Google's security team released the details of a practical attack on the SSL v3.0 protocol. Commits resolving the issue for relayd, LibreSSL, and httpd (by essentially deprecating the old protocol even further) have been committed.

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  1. By Sebastian Rother ( on

    I do strongly disangree with your Post.

    No backport of these changes has been commited yet.
    Not for LibreSSL (5.6 ships LibreSSL 2.1, the Version including the fix is 2.1.1), not for OpenSSL, not for OpenSMTPd (wich you forgot to mention, they disabled SSLv3 too) nor anything else.

    The only accapable solution is a backport of the Patches to all stable Branches. Other people could get the feeling that running -stable includes the Patches/Changes you mentioned wich is not true (yet..?!).

    No, it does not save you (yet..?) to run stable.

    If you feel disappointed about this situation consider to donate money to OpenBSD (direct) or the OpenBSD-Foundation... not that it would speed up anythign but it helps to resolve other Issues..


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