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phessler: emergency g2k14 hackathon

Contributed by phessler on from the you know it's urgent dept.

Longtime Undeadly editor, Peter Hessler (phessler@) writes in:
With the g2k14 hackathon starting on tuesday, I saw the commits and chatter from the hackathon. sadly, my original plan was to stay at work mostly since I am out of vacation days for the year. Thursday morning, I see that not only were a few more hackathon shirts being printed for attendees that wanted more, but also last-minute flights to Ljubljana were actually affordable. I nudged claudio@, who works at the desk next to me "hey, want to go to the hackathon for the weekend?"

He nods yes, so we rush to book everything. The flights left Friday after work, and returned stupid early on Monday morning so we could go back to work. We arrive in the evening on Friday, and run into Bob et al, who were just returning from a celebratory dinner after the first release of LibreSSL portable.

During the hackathon I worked mostly in the installer/upgrader. I wanted to be able to have one more [enter] to whack when upgrading a laptop with softraid crypto, so I had the upgrader detect if the first disk partition 'a' is of type RAID, and if it is, then skip it. I still need to test on strange arches, and to check for corner cases.

Another project was to support installing onto softraid crypto directly from within the installer. I have a working prototype, but again, lots of corner cases and testing still remains. I did end up doing a clean install on my main laptop with it, so it does work for simple cases.

I also talked with rpe@ about the ability to auto-upgrade entirely from the local system. This would entail booting from bsd.rd, and it detecting a specially named file on the root partition, and doing the upgrade blindly. Risky, but if you have a remotely hosted system, with no console or access to the network, you may not have many options.

None of these will make it to 5.6, but I hope to have them in -current not long after unlock.

There was a big grand discussion involving the network stack hackers, and some of the low-level kernel experts, about the status of the network stack and MP, and where we wanted to go, and how to get there. Most of the discussion was figuring out which pieces can be split up, and where we should put the fences.

I was at the previous hackathon in Ljubljana, and just like last time, had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Mitja for organizing the event, and special thanks for getting things organized for us last minute slackers!

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  1. By Eddie ( on

    As always, thanks for sharing and I"m looking forward to autoinstall.

  2. By krw@ ( on

    Couldn't you have just snuck out without reminding claudio@ that he could up his hackathon count? :-)

  3. By Cleber ( on

    Nice report phessler.


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