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OpenBSD product distribution will move

Contributed by phessler on from the farm-where-he-can-run-and-chase-rabbits-all-day dept.

After many years of faithfully serving the OpenBSD community, Austin Hook (austin@) will be retiring from mailing you your delicious Puffy-flavored merch. As such, the old stock (CDs, tshirts, baby mulchers) will become unavailable. Order now before they go extinct!

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  1. By sthen (2001:4b10:1002:cc01:f2de:f1ff:fef9:a752) on

    The t-shirts I wanted are already extinct :(

  2. By Chris ( on

    Oof, I was intending to pick up the sets I couldn't afford in school over the next few years. Guess it's going to be a lump-sum.

  3. By Fredrik Ludl ( on

    Got a bunch :)
    I will be the man to watch in town:

    -> 1 [T38] The Original Puffy Shirt
    -> 1 [T26] Pufferix Shirt
    -> 1 [T22] Puffy the Kid Shirt
    -> 1 [T16] Chix Dig OpenBSD Shirt

    (Deleted the size.)

  4. By Torr ( on

    What's going to become of the remaining stock? Is there a shipper to replace Austin? If so, why doesn't Austin just ship it to him in bulk?


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