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g2k14: Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse on bootloader hacking

Contributed by jj on from the master of puppets dept.

This hackathon started out for me with my usual routine of fixing some bugs in Puppet, add more facts to Facter and dig into pkg-config.

So started out in fixing an issue in Puppet where multi-flavored packages couldn't be updated and along the way I added support for the structured 'partitions' fact in Facter.

A few weeks ago Stuart Henderson (sthen@) found several issues in pkg-config when it had to compare OpenSSL-like versions (1.0.1g > 1.0.1e). After I added the regress tests the issue was quickly fixed, a hackathon isn't complete for me without fixing at least one pkg-config issue..

Most of the hackathon I've spent tidying the bootloaders MD parts and make certain functions MI which can be shared between bootloaders. This started out as a distraction from my work on the OpenBSD/octeon bootloader.

Last year in Toronto I committed a collection of stubs for the bootloader, but I quickly ran into a misbehaving bootprompt. Both Paul Irofti (pirofti@) and myself couldn't quite figure out what was going on with the UART until Miod Vallat (miod@) helped to debug the issue; with that the bootprompt works reliably. We still cannot load a kernel yet, but most other parts (timeout, boot_info/boot_desc passing, root device decoding) are implemented. Next step would be to add support for loading a kernel off an internal CF card. One thing that Miod said about writing a bootloader quite stuck with me, it was along the lines of: "There's no beauty prize at the end and you only know what needs to be done when you're finished."

Thanks again to Mitja for the great organization and setup.

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